Laptop Battery for Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B-12V


  • Product Type: Compatible Laptop Battery for Toshiba
  • Cell Type: Li-Ion
  • Number of cells: 4
  • Voltage: 14.8V
  • Capacity: 2200 mAh
  • Colour: Black
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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Compatible Part Numbers: 

  • PA5212U-1BRS
  • PA5247U-1BRS
  • PA5265U-1BRS
  • PA5291U-1BRS
  • PABAS283
  • PABAS286
  • PABAS287 


Compatible Laptop Model: 

Tecra Z50-C Series

Tecra Z50-C Tecra Z50-C-10M Tecra Z50-C-10P Tecra Z50-C-10Q Tecra Z50-C-10R Tecra Z50-C-113 Tecra Z50-C-114 Tecra Z50-C-115 Tecra Z50-C-11C Tecra Z50-C-11E Tecra Z50-C-11F Tecra Z50-C-11H Tecra Z50-C-11J Tecra Z50-C-11P Tecra Z50-C-11T Tecra Z50-C-11V Tecra Z50-C-11W Tecra Z50-C-12D Tecra Z50-C-12F Tecra Z50-C-12J Tecra Z50-C-12M Tecra Z50-C-12N Tecra Z50-C-12T Tecra Z50-C-12W Tecra Z50-C-12X Tecra Z50-C-12Z Tecra Z50-C-130 Tecra Z50-C1550 

PT577C-00c002 R50-C-12N Satellite Pro R50-C-12N Tecra A40-C1440 

Toshiba Satellite Pro R50 Series

Satellite Pro R50 Satellite Pro R50-B-01R Satellite Pro R50-B-01T Satellite Pro R50-B-107 Satellite Pro R50-B-109 Satellite Pro R50-B-10D Satellite Pro R50-B-10E Satellite Pro R50-B-10G Satellite Pro R50-B-10H Satellite Pro R50-B-10J Satellite Pro R50-B-10K Satellite Pro R50-B-10L Satellite Pro R50-B-10R Satellite Pro R50-B-10T Satellite Pro R50-B-10U Satellite Pro R50-B-10V Satellite Pro R50-B-112 Satellite Pro R50-B-11C Satellite Pro R50-B-11F Satellite Pro R50-B-11L Satellite Pro r50-B-120 Satellite Pro R50-B-122 Satellite Pro R50-B-123 Satellite Pro R50-B-12H Satellite Pro R50-B-12N Satellite Pro R50-B-12P Satellite Pro R50-B-12Q Satellite Pro R50-B-12R Satellite Pro R50-B-12U Satellite Pro R50-B-12V Satellite Pro R50-B-12W Satellite Pro R50-B-12X Satellite Pro R50-B-14F Satellite Pro R50-B-14T Satellite Pro R50-B-150 Satellite Pro R50-B-154 Satellite Pro R50-B-156 Satellite Pro R50-B-159 Satellite Pro R50-B-15G Satellite Pro R50-B-15J Satellite Pro R50-B-161 Satellite Pro R50-B-167 Satellite Pro R50-B-169 Satellite Pro R50-B-16V Satellite Pro R50-B-170 Satellite Pro R50-B-186 Satellite Pro R50-C-008 Satellite Pro R50-C-00C Satellite Pro R50-C-02U Satellite Pro R50-C-07P Satellite Pro R50-C-10W Satellite Pro R50-C-114 Satellite Pro R50-C-115 Satellite Pro R50-C-16V 

Toshiba Tecra A40-C Series

Tecra A40-C Tecra A40-C-13Z Tecra A40-C-140 Tecra A40-C-141 Tecra A40-C-142 Tecra A40-C-147 Tecra A40-C-14L Tecra A40-C-14U Tecra A40-C-14V Tecra A40-C-151 Tecra A40-C-155 Tecra A40-C-15M Tecra A40-C-15X Tecra A40-C-169 Tecra A40-C-17C Tecra A40-C-17D Tecra A40-C-17E Tecra A40-C-17J Tecra A40-C-187 Tecra A40-C-188 Tecra A40-C-18D Tecra A40-C-18E Tecra A40-C-18Q Tecra A40-C-18R Tecra A40-C-190 Tecra A40-C-19C Tecra A40-C-19D Tecra A40-C-19E Tecra A40-C-19F Tecra A40-C-19W Tecra A40-C-1C0 Tecra A40-C-1C2 Tecra A40-C-1FX 

Toshiba Tecra A50-C Series

Tecra A50-C Tecra A50-C-16E Tecra A50-C-16F Tecra A50-C-16G Tecra A50-C-16H Tecra A50-C-16J Tecra A50-C-16K Tecra A50-C-16L Tecra A50-C-16U Tecra A50-C-17C Tecra A50-C-17E Tecra A50-C-19L Tecra A50-C-19M Tecra A50-C-1DP Tecra A50-C-1FW Tecra A50-C-1G0 Tecra A50-C-1G1 Tecra A50-C-1G2 Tecra A50-C-1GE Tecra A50-C-1GF Tecra A50-C-1GG Tecra A50-C-1H1 Tecra A50-C-1H2 Tecra A50-C-1H7 Tecra A50-C-1H9 Tecra A50-C-1HC Tecra A50-C-1HD Tecra A50-C-1K0 Tecra A50-C-1K1 Tecra A50-C-1K5 Tecra A50-C-1K6 Tecra A50-C-1KC Tecra A50-C-1KE Tecra A50-C-1KJ Tecra A50-C-1L7 Tecra A50-C-1LN Tecra A50-C-1MV Tecra A50-C-1N2 Tecra A50-C-1N4 Tecra A50-C-1NH Tecra A50-C-1P3 Tecra A50-C-1P7 Tecra A50-C-1Q0 Tecra A50-C-1Q5 Tecra A50-C-1QG Tecra A50-C-1QH Tecra A50-C-1QK Tecra A50-C-1RL Tecra A50-C-1RP Tecra A50-C-1T7 Tecra A50-C-1TE Tecra A50-C-1TT Tecra A50-C-1TU Tecra A50-C-1U2 Tecra A50-C-1U3 Tecra A50-C-1UF Tecra A50-C-1UG Tecra A50-C-1W2 Tecra A50-C-1W5 Tecra A50-C-1W8 Tecra A50-C-1WP Tecra A50-C-1XD Tecra A50-C-1XQ 

Toshiba Tecra C50-B Series

Tecra C50-B Tecra C50-B-118 Tecra C50-B-122 Tecra C50-B-12L Tecra C50-B-14D Tecra C50-B-14Z Tecra C50-B-159 Tecra C50-B-16L Tecra C50-B-19W Tecra C50-B0736


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